Veterinary Council Of Mauritius

Establishment of Council under section 3 of the Veterinary Council Act 2020

  • There is established for the purposes of this Act the Veterinary Council.
  • The Council shall be a body corporate.
  • The principal place of business of the Council shall be at such place as it may determine.

Objects of Council

The Council shall –

  • regulate and control the profession of veterinary surgeons; and
  • promote advancement in the field of veterinary medicine and surgery

Composition of Council


Dr S. Abdoola

Vice President:  

Mr Arassen Kallee

Registrar :

Dr R.Veerapa


Dr L. Kailaysur -Ramprogus
Dr B.J.Oodun
Dr S.Gya
Dr R.D Kailaysur
Dr A.Espitalier Noel
Dr A.B.S. Jauhangeer
Dr P.Beehary
Dr D.Meenowa
Dr B.T.K Meethoo-Badulla
Miss P.Daby
Mr R. Ramsaha
Mr J. Bohoorun
Mr M. Beeharry
Mr J.George
Mr S.Tengur
Mr.P. Toolsee
Mrs R.Jhubboo-Madhour
Mr K. Ramgoolam
Mr L.Chimea

Members of the registration Board

Chairperson: Dr D.Sibartie

Assessors :

Dr I.Mammode

Dr S.Lefin